Create Versions Tool no longer including file's extension in remade version name?

Hi all,
Production people have informed me that the version name created by the “Create Version” gui no longer include’s the uploaded file’s extension in the automatically populated version name field. This used to be the default behavior according to them and they prefer having the extension although this goes against the “best practices”. Is there a way I can make the gui include the extension so our production crew doesn’t have to manually type in the extension always? They said the change in behavior happened around 5 weeks ago.

Thanks for any tips.

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Hi @achrystie,

Unfortunately, you can’t control this behaviour from within the application. I tested this workflow on past versions of Shotgun and wasn’t able to find a time where our default behaviour would have been to keep the extension. If you have more details on which version this was in or which workflow your production people were using, I’d love to have more info.

In regards to making this behaviour a reality for you, if you have pipeline people and have the Event Daemon already in production, writing a trigger for this should be pretty straightforward.

When a user creates a version, check the associated uploaded movie’s filename. If the version’s name matches the filename, minus the extension, change the version’s name and add the extension back on. The automation should take the burden off your production crew and get you the behaviour you want. This should be pretty simple with webhooks as well.


Hi @bouchep,
Thanks for your insight. I suspect you are correct that Shotgun Web UI never offered or has not offered this behavior in a very long time. I think our production crew on the project might have forgotten the native behavior of the Shotgun Web UI’s “Create Version” button due to some of our custom tools which have been coded to create version names which include the filename’s extension.
Thanks for the tips on how we could implement the functionality if the Web UI is used. I’m one of the people who writes event daemon triggers at the studio and will probably get in to web hooks after we setup the system.

Stay safe,
Adam Chrystie