Disable Version creation in Shotgun Create

I would like to disable Version creation in Shotgun Create all together and/or have some hooks for controlling how Versions are created in Shotgun.
In our studio we are adding a lot of data to our generated Versions and they are also tightly bundled in the Color-pipeline. So having artist creating Versions left and right would seriously interrupt our workflows.
Shotgun Create is a nice addition to Shotgun Toolkit and I would love to replace Shotgun Desktop with it. But without more control over it I cannot make this switch.
Are there any plans to give more control over the application?


Just a thought, could you do it by catching the event with a event deamon?

Hi Ricardo!

You have a point there. Although it feels a bit backwards to fix Versions later. Kinda misses the point of hooks and the config IMO. But good to have options :slight_smile:


Hey Fabian! Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans right now to make the disabling of adding Versions an option, but please submit your idea here so we can talk about it internally: Shotgun Software | Production Tracking, Scheduling, Review, and Asset Management

We’ve heard this a couple times so always good to get more people calling for it.

Hi @dennis !
Thanks for the info. I submitted the idea to the roadmap. Curios to see if it catches some traction.


Did this gain any traction?

Hi @MunkyButt !
Unfortunately it never appeared in the Shotgrid Road map, but with your +1 we might have a better chance of this happening! :slight_smile:


Is there a link to the suggestion?

No, as I said it has not appeared on the roadmap. The “+1” was more figuratively speaking. :slight_smile: