"Create Shotgun Version" in Nuke Studio Shotgun Processor won't stay unchecked

Hi! Thanks a lot in advance!
When you disable the checkbox “Create Shotgun Version” in the Shotgun Transcode Images content, and save your template, it will stay disabled while Hiero/Nuke Studio is open, but once you close and re open Hiero, the checkbox will appear Enabled again , regardless of how it was saved in the template.

Tested on Nuke Studio, Hiero 11 and 12, Mac and Windows versions.


Hmm I can reproduce the same thing.
Looking at the code, and with my admittedly limited understanding of NS plugins, I believe it should be storing the state with the preset, so it’s not immediately clear why this is happening other non Shotgun settings are preserved though.

I’ll log a bug ticket. I’m sorry you ran into this!


@philip.scadding Do you know if this bug was fixed? Thanks in advance!

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Sadly, no, we’ve not got round to this one yet.
Whilst it certainly should be fixed, it’s only been reported once, so its not as high priority.


We are experiencing the same thing. So here is my +1. Would be nice to have this fixed one day.