Following Versions Updated in an Episode

Hi! I’ve been trying to figure out a way for our Supervisors to be notified when a shot is updated with a new version for them to review. I wanted to try and follow the episode as a whole, but as that does not get updated each time a version is updated, no notification happens. I even tried to create a query field for the episode that counted the number of versions in the episode and when that changed it would notify the followers, but alas, that did not work either. Even following each user on their team was not updating any followers.

I would like to not have to follow each individual shot as we have about 150-180 each time.

Wondering if anyone has found a way for this to work? Thanks in advance!


Hi, Bobbi!

Welcome to our community :slight_smile: There are a few different ways to approach this.

  1. You could bulk follow all the shots that are needed. Use the assume identity feature to log on as the Supervisor, go to a list of all shots they have to follow, select all, right-click Follow Selected.
  2. Go to the Shot page and expose the Cc field. Put in the name of the Supervisor who wants to get notifications. Then, go to the People page, find his record, and turn on the check box labeled Subscribe to Version Emails for CC'd Link.
  3. Create a Version list page and make a page filter for only Versions that are linked to the shots the Supervisor cares about. Save the page and have the Supervisor bookmark that. No notifications are sent from here but it serves a place for the Supervisor to go to, to check and see what shots are ready to review.
  4. Similarly to option 1 above, fill in the name of the Supervisor in the Shot’s Task’s Reviewer field by going to a list of Tasks and bulk editing the field. Have the Supervisor download Shotgun Create on their desktop and launch the My Reviews view to see a list of what they need to look at and then, go directly into reviewing the Versions from that one application.

The last option above is our suggested workflow since it allows the Supervisor to see what they need to review and they can launch it right there. Shotgun Create is our newest product in our review workflow so it’s got some neat tools and features to take advantage of! I know your original question was how to get notified when a shot is updated with a new Version, but I’d like to think of this as a “push” system vs or “pull” system. A “push” system being something that notifies you. It’s a very individual workflow choice but I find that going to the system (rather than it going to me) is my preferred method. Options 1 and 2 are more of the “push” system, which is more in line with your original question. Options 3 and 4 are along the lines of a “pull” system where you go to it when you are ready. Most artist have enough work to keep plugging along for a while. When they submit one shot for review, they can be working on the next one in priority order. Rather than interrupting the Supervisor in their workflow to give a review, they can do all their reviews in between finishing one task and starting another.

Again, I know it’s subjective and everyone has their way of doing things. Hope these options help! Let me know if you need any additional details :slight_smile:



Hi Tram!

Thanks for the warm welcome and the helpful solution! That worked perfectly :smiley:




Hey @brieger—since you mentioned this worked out for you, I marked @tram’s reply as the solution so people in the future see it up top with your question. :slight_smile:

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