Shift Up/Down to Shotgrid Versions From Same Pipeline Step


Currently when using the Shift Up/Down arrow keys with RV and SG integration, it moves up or down a version in the timeline of the loaded version as per the “Related Versions”. However, I want to restrict this to the currently loaded version’s pipeline step only. So, If I have loaded the comp version then I would like to load its newer or older versions rather than any other pipeline steps that may happen to be published in the timeline.

I tried to filter only the comp pipeline step but it does not affect the hotkey’s behavior as it seems to be looking up the related versions timeline rather than what’s loaded in the RV SG Browser timeline.


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This probably is a custom short key as it does not appear in the official list from Autodesk’s documentation.
The pipe team will probably have to tweak the code which was implemented to lock the pipeline step you’re presently viewing assuming that each step have their independent versioning.

This has been implemented in studios like Dneg with their custom navigators instead of the default SG option.

Hope this helps…
Do correct or update me if anything seems like an outdated info.

This is driving me crazy too, but I don’t have a pipeline team to lean on. Anyone got any tips on making this specific customisation without having to read the whole book on RV?

we want to step between current version in playlist and vzero plate version so a custom filter or using the related version filter would be welcome here too

Have you looked at the Flagged version field?
Flagged versions in Sg have a hotkey in RV to switch between.

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Yes I saw that in the last days. Its a good solution. Thank you @Ricardo_Musch

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Yeah this is a handy suggestion, but it’s not what I’m looking for at this time just because of the extra labour involved in flagging everything before a review. What I’d like to do is change the current behaviour, because I’m never going to want it to work the way it does (and I’m a little surprised anyone would). I’m hoping that could be done by a minor hack to one script rather than getting into the proper way to build packages etc. since I don’t think I’ll be getting around to reading up on that for a long time.

If you have a way to find Versions you need to flag by naming convention or some other way then you could flag all plates via api script.
Can even make it into an automation or an AMI.