Copied files into work area not appearing in File Open

If I copy over a photoshop file into the work area of an asset, who’s file name matches the current naming scheme of the other photoshop files in the work area, the copied file does not appear when I go to File Open via toolkit.

It’s really strange because if I use copy on an already existing work file that was made via “+ New File” it will appear in File Open, but not if I create a file through some other process, even if the naming matches.

Is there any reason why this is?

Hi @michael_wright !

This is due to SG caching of folder creations in the background. Basically SG is creating a table that matches folder paths to ShotGrid entities to speed up various processes. If you are creating a new file via the file open dialog a new entry will be made for that folder, which in turn the file open app uses to search for existing files on disk.
A manual copy into that directory will not update the cache and therefore the file open dialog cannot see it.
There is not much you can do about this behaviour except working around it by either, creating a new file with the file open dialog and then open the dialog again to open your file or navigate to the task on the ShotGrid website and in the right click menu select “Create Folders”. After that your manually copied file should show up as well.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers Fabian

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