File Open missing published files

Hello there!

Im currently working deploying a SG integration for a small studio and I have ran into a problem for which I can’t find a solution.

Our current workflow involves exporting ingested material and a v001 Nuke Script. All the folders are being correctly defined on and the Nuke Studio export template, however, when using File Open to start working on a shot, the v001 script doens’t appear. But, if you use the New File button and go again into the File Open, the v001 published file is now there. Even if you restart Nuke, it always appears after that.

Obviously we will like to avoid this unnecessary step. I have the feeling this issue is related to the SG status of the shot, but I have tried switching the status multiple times and the published file never seems to be detected.

Any help would be appreciated!

Is it a published or a work file? It might be necessary to register some directories in Shotgrid Filesystem Locations, which saving a scene from Nuke does.

Its being exported to a work area, where we want all the Nuke Scripts for that shot to be stored.
(Its the one File Open finds after using the New File operation, which coincides with the path that the published script file has in SG)
We are not saving the script anyway, just using the New File operation once makes the file appear always afterwards.

If it helps in anything, I have also noticed that the found file displays “Unknown” user, even when it was exported by me (That data appears correctly on SG)

For work files some of the higher-level folders (shot, task) still have to be registered in Shotgun, which I suspect New File might also do (someone more knowledgeable should confirm). File Save does that certainly.

The Unknown user is a known thing on Windows, I think file ownership is not properly reported for work files by Toolkit (Windows ACLs are weird). Couldn’t find a relevant forum post right now.

This might be relevant to you Creating user sandbox folders without needing the user to work on the task

Im gonna take a look at that, thank you!

Ok, I investigated this and found out that definitely the issue lies on the folders not registering on SG. I managed to manually use the tk.create_filesystem_structure command for the project and that makes the file appear on File Open. There is any way we could automatically do this? when an user starts Nuke or even when the initial .nk file is exported from Nuke Studio?

Hi @hero !

FYI The folder creation is automatically triggered when you lauch Nuke from a task from the right click menu in Shotgrid. It is not a fix but a good workaround. I can say that our compers gotten used to it and we do not see it as an issue anymore.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:



Has something around this functionality changed recently? We’ve been using the same setup of tk-workfiles2 + core/templates/schema for a few years now, but only recently are files that exist on the system not “showing up” in workfiles2 until we manually run create folders.

We have tools that create/move files into position and we need them discoverable by artists. Is there a toolkit api command that can create these necessary registrations? I don’t think re-running create folders every time a user opens a shot is very clean.