SG and NukeStudio workflows

I’m curious what workflows people are managing with SG and Nukestudio?
My initial investigations are showing issues;

  • I cannot import a nukescript with a SG writenode in to my nukestudio timeline.
  • Opening a nukescript from the timeline causes the SG menu to break (engine no longer loaded).
  • Opening a nukestudio scene with nukescript items on the timeline, the clips disappear for some reason; possible unrendered frames or SG issues?

Is this a non-starter? or is there a way to get things setup so someone can interact with their SG based nuke comps directly from a nukestudio timeline? The use-case here is a comp supe who might want to be viewing work in the context of the timeline, and be able to quickly dip in to shots to copy paste nodes between shots.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Where the nuke scripts originally made with the tk-hiero-export integration?
The config-default2 way works.