Adding copied files to File Open cache

I’d like to be able to copy files into the work area of an asset and open them with File Open. But because these files aren’t cached File Open wont register them and doesn’t see anything in that folder.

The using the toolkit functions unregister_folders and create_filesystem_structure only seem to affect previously created files made with the “+New File” button or by versioning up files with the shotgrid save button. Synchronize_folders also doesn’t seem to affect anything.

Is there a command I can run that will add existing files in the work directory to the cache?

Not sure I follow, why would these files niot be cached?

I believe the files shown in the work files are looked up using a template from your templates.yml file. So you need to make sure that the files you’re copying into the workspace match the exact naming conventions that you defined in your work file template for a given app. Could this be your issue @Michael_Doberman ?

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I’m not entirely sure. My assumption is it’s something regarding the cache, as files created manually through something like python don’t seem to exist in the file open tool regardless of naming convention of the file or the config yml’s.

I don’t think its the naming convention based on my testing. If I’m in the work directory and I create a file manually that would match the naming convention of what is created from the + New File button, it won’t appear in the file open tool. Doesn’t really matter the use case. If the first file would be named assetname.taskname.v001.psd, it will only exist in the file open tool if the + New File button is what is pressed to create it. If the next file expected would be assetname.taskname.v002.psd, it will only exist in the file open tool if its done through the shotgrid file save application. Any file created manually through something like python just doesn’t appear in the toolkit file open within photoshop.

I don’t know how barebones your config is, any chance there is a filtering hook active?