Updating old PublishedFile entries

I’m working on updating an old project tied to an old pipeline config (last updated ~3yrs ago). This project acts as an asset library which is why it has been around so long.
After updating app/engine versions and some py2/py3 compatibility on custom code here’s what’s outstanding,

  1. existing sandbox user wip files don’t show up in the workfiles app
  2. published files don’t show up in the workfiles app

Regarding #1, seems largely linked to path cache issues. Unfortunately, I think I will need to run the create_filesystem_structure command against Task entities for users with existing files as described in,

Since this post is fairly old, maybe someone has found a better way?

Regarding #2, I’ve found that the published file entities contain “path” dictionaries with file paths rooted in the old filesystems this studio used to have. I’m looking for tips on migrating this type of data. Solutions like this are helpful, but again, maybe there’s a better way to batch this?

Finally, something I find odd is the difference between the workfiles app and the loader app. I can’t currently see published files in the workfiles app, but if I link this project to my other projects, the loader app in those other projects not only display the published assets from this old project fine, but it also loads in the published files as well. Does the Loader app care nothing about the DB path info and cares only about files on disk according to the template.yml? If someone can clarify this, that would be awesome.