Blank error when creating a new!

Hi! I am a new user. I’ve set up task templates under ‘asset’ and ‘level’ (and made sure my permissions are set to admin). From what I understand, in order to assign a task template under ‘level’ on a new asset, I need to expose that as a ‘page’. However, whenever I make a page, I get a blank error! There is no feedback in it, and I don’t know how to fix it. Shown it to several experienced shotgun users in my studio and no one seems to have a clue. Anyone have an issue like this, and any possible solutions?

Hey Chris - welcome to Shotgun’s community forum! Thanks for dropping a line.

That is strange you’re getting a blank error. I’m going to need to get more details specific to your site, so I’ll spin up a Zendesk ticket for you where we can continue this discussion. Stay tuned shortly for more there.


In the Zendesk ticket, Chris and I discovered that the Level entity wasn’t visible in his Project Tracking Settings. Making it visible in the Project he wanted resolved the issue he was seeing!