Are sites with zero users going to be deleted?


I have a shotgrid site and a project at there.
Since we finished the project last year, we occasioanlly visit to the page.
There are just two users assigned now.

Questions :

  • When we unassign the users from the project, the site will be left with no users.
    .Will my site be deleted if there are no users?
    .How the data in the project will be treated?
    .Do users still have access to project data after they are reassigned?
  • It would be helpful to let me know the site/user control policy.



Hi @jonghankim

Every ShotGrid site is associated to a Team in, and uses that Team’s ShotGrid entitlements.

If you want to ensure to be able to keep the site around and available, you need to leave at least one user active on the site, usually an admin user, and have a valid subscription.

A site with zero active users but linked to a team with an active ShotGrid subscription will not be deleted… But having zero users on the site mean that you cannot access it without contact Autodesk Support to re-enable one of your users. This is a waste of everyone’s time and adds delays.



Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
It is very helpful to me.



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