Write Node .yml config

Curious if anyone has a similar pipeline issue. We have shows that have vastly different write node requirements, and its getting tedious to manually add write node entries into the tk-writenode settings .yml. We handle all other show modifications with shotgun fields, however, the nature of a yml seems like its going to be a bit of a chore to add shotgun field functionality to it? Has anyone modularized their tk-writenodes in a way that it is handled with shotgun fields to define what node is created on a specific project? or everyone just using different configs per-show so it doesn’t really matter, they just define it on a per-show per-config basis?

We also like to name the writenode with our show prefix so the node is SHOW_EXR where “SHOW” would be the prefix that is currently a shotgunfield for us…so really ideally i just want to add a “keys” section similar to the keys section in template.yml maybe thats the implementation I should look to do? add onto the tk-writenode app and accept keys from the settings .yml…

Just curious on everyones thoughts :D.