Tk-nuke-writenode SEQ key is required-- does it really have to be?

Hi all,

I’m wanting to get a studio set up with write nodes each of the possible file types they might need to deliver, including MOVs. The file_types supported for the Shotgun Write Nodes include everything a normal Nuke Write Node can do, but the templates that define the work and publish locations for Renders require the {SEQ} TemplateKey based on tk-nuke-writenode/info.yml…

I see there is a pull request open to simply make that key optional, any reason not to?



I agree, SEQ should be optional.


I want to also +1 this. We’re forking things just for this workaround.

Is there any news on this? We also need to be able to use writenodes for outputting quicktimes.

I guess a lot of people are using a fork in order to have said change.
Having that PR though, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be merged sooner - it doesn’t have any huge ripple effects to be worried about.

Confirming we also fork for this reason. We additionally set the extension alias/field to the extension specified by file_type the node profile settings so an extension agnostic template can be used for the output.

Hi Halil,

If your fork is public, could you tell me where to find it ? I’m interested in the agnostic template thing.



Hey @donat it is not public unfortunately, but mostly due to laziness and also that our modified toolkit apps end up getting wrapped in a rez package so it makes PRs an additional step in the process.

For reference though:

In tk_nuke_writenode/ after line 1866 in the definition of __compute_render_path_from we’ve added these lines:

        profile_name = self.get_node_profile_name(node)
        profile = self._profiles.get(profile_name)
        file_type = profile["file_type"]
        fields["extension"] = file_type

Then based off the file_type you set in an output profile, the extension template key or alias will have the expected value when collecting the fields, without the need to handle this in a hardcoded template.

Thanks a lot for sharing this Halil!