Tk-nuke-write node hotkeys?

Hey all,

This feels like it should be a simple question, but who knows, I’ve tried to get it working in the past and it obviously wasn’t as simple as I hoped it to be.

I would like to override the “W” hotkey in Nuke so that when my artists press “W”, it creates a Shotgun Write node instead of a normal Nuke Write node.

I’ve tried mapping it using the tk-nuke.yml menu_favourites block but I think I must have done something wrong…

Here is the code I had in tk-nuke.yml

# shot_step

    tk-multi-loader2: ""
    tk-nuke-writenode: ""

  - {app_instance: tk-nuke-writenode, hotkey: W, name: "Write Node [Shotgun]" }
  - {app_instance: tk-multi-loader2, hotkey: R, name: Load... }

  location: ""

And my corresponding tk-nuke-writenode.yml

# shot
  template_script_work: nuke_shot_work
  - file_type: exr
    name: Write Node
    publish_template: shot_render_publish_exr
    render_template: shot_render_work_exr
      datatype: 16 bit half
    tank_type: Rendered Image
    tile_color: []
    promote_write_knobs: []

  location: ""

I have removed the extra text in both of those files but based on that, there must be something silly that I am not doing, can anyone give me a hand on how they implemented the hotkey?