Tk-nuke-writenode Element/descriptor support?


I want to allow my artists to chose an optional “name” for their render while using the tk-nuke-writenode.

I have seen there are a lot of people that have forked the tk-nuke-writenode app, is there a way that we can expose either a list of predefined elements/names/descriptors or have a text field for the name similar to the tk-multi-workfiles2 save file so that we can optionally populate a [name] key in our render templates?

I really really don’t want to fork tk-nuke-writenode, I have enough to manage without having to make sure my fork is in step with the official one.

If I do have to add this functionality myself, is there any way that we as a community (ideally all of you that have implemented this yourself and have already encountered any issues) can get some functionality merged in to tk-nuke-writenode?

I imagine we would want it as a boolean flag to enable or disable the feature.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious in the tk-nuke-writenode wiki and this is easy to do.



Hey @Ahuge,

There is an out of the box function that your artists could use, it’s the output field on the writenode, by default it will accept any non spaced string and put it in the filename. Not quite the same entry as the workfiles2 app, but achieves a similar result.


If you wanted to use it else where you could edit your templates.yml and put it elsewhere, the key is nuke.output. Not sure if you can set a default other than output thou. . .


Hey thank you so much David! That will totally work for me!


+1 for adding a “output” field to the writenode profiles. It would be awesome for this to be a string, or array value to allow strict or loose output naming.

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