Tk-nuke: Setting default tank_channel names for different output

Ive been trying my best to try and make the ShotgunWrite node have a different tank_channel name based on the profile of the node.

i.e. if the profile is “output” the tank_channel text field should be set to “comp” and if the profile is “smartvector” the tank_channel field should display “smartvector” and if the profile is “precomp” it shoudl display “precomp” (see picture).

I’ve tried to do this in the node settings in the tk-nuke-writenode.yml and in a nuke onUserCreate and onCreate callback but whatever I do, it has no effect.

Any pointers? If not, could Shotgun please include this kind of functionality in a update?
Because otherwise it kind of forces us to create out own Nuke Writenode as simply telling artists “Please make sure you name the node correctly” does not work…



I could be wrong but it sounds like you need to fork the app and add that as a new feature.
Good idea though!

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Yeah that’s an idea.
It would be nice though if Shotgun tools wouldn’t unnessesarily override/break an application’s normal behaviour.

Setting knob values is a quite common thing in Nuke and in my opinion that should work for any tool made for nuke, Shotgun or not :wink:

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Here’s where you could look. You probably need to update the method here.


Hi all – we had a chat about this internally, hoping to find a way to do it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to, but we had a couple thoughts:

I’ll have to run this by engineering and product – I’m not sure which of these ideas makes the most sense within the app’s logic, if either, and considering @Patrick’s input, maybe breaking out the populate_initial_output_name() logic into a hook is actually the right approach. But before I do, I’d be interested to know what you think of these potential solutions, and which would serve your needs best. Thanks!

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Hey Tannaz, thanks for that!

I think most logical would be in the settings on the writenodes (as it is a knob on a writenode).
However as added bonus it could ofcourse have a hook so that more complex logic is possible.

At the moment, in our case it’s literally just to match the output name to the writenode settings so not everything is named the same.

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Is there any update on this from SG? It would be great to have this feature built in to the official release.