Whats a tank_type and how can I list them?


What is a tank_type? I’ve looked all over the Shotgun docs and cant seem to find any explanation.

I’m modifying a setting in the config and it has the tank_type: ‘Rendered Image’ but I want to render a movie so I changed it to ‘Rendered Movie’ but this caused the option to disappear entirely. How can I get a list of tank types?



Is this on the tk-nuke-writenode?

If so the tank_type is as you’ve deduced used to set the PublishedFileType that will be produced when publishing the node. However this was used by the old publisher to set the PubliShdeFileType, the new publisher (tk-multi-piublish2) doesn’t make use of this write node setting by default. It can be customized to do so though, by taking over the collector hook, I can give more details if that is what you are wanting it to do.

but this caused the option to disappear entirely

What option disappeared? The option to create the write node?

FYI Tank is the old name for the Toolkit integrations, its use still lingers around in places.


Thanks for getting back to me on this one. Yes this is on the tk-nuke-writenode. It makes a bit more sense now knowing tank is the old name and this was used in an old version of the publish tool. Does the tk-nuke-writenode use the new tk-multi-piublish2 or is it still using the old one?

By the option disappearing I am referring to the button that creates the node nuke. Sorry I should have given a better explanation.

My end goal with this is to change the output of the tk-nuke-writenode from an exr image sequence to a h264 movie file.

Thanks again!

This can be configured for tk-nuke-writenode, it’s called “Profiles”

Check out

In a profile you can define the output path (shotgun template), output file type, format-specific settings, etc.

Thanks for the link! This is a great example.

In the example settings in that article there is a line called tank_type with a value of Rendered Image. But the article does not mention what other tank types are available like what to put for a movie file like a h264.

location: {name: tk-nuke-writenode, type: app_store, version: v0.1.6}
template_script_work: nuke_shot_work


  • file_type: tiff
    name: Mono Tif
    publish_template: nuke_shot_render_pub_mono_tif
    render_template: nuke_shot_render_mono_tif
    proxy_publish_template: null
    proxy_render_template: null
    settings: {datatype: 16 bit, compression: LZW}
    tank_type: Rendered Image
    tile_color: [ ]
    promote_write_knobs: [ ]

To see what file types are defined, on the Shotgun site go to the pages menu “All Pages → Published File Types”. There is a set of predetermined ones, and you can add your own.