How to change the publish file type?


I am trying to set the multipublisher2 when publishing a Nuke script to set the publish file type to something else than “Nuke Script”.
I tried using the hook and that script is only changing the child items that are being published, like Write nodes - but it’s not changing the Nuke Script publish type (or i a missed the logic somewhere in there for that…)
I looked into the as well, i implemented it as a hook and the only thing i could could find and change is the display name in the publish UI for the publish type - while the UI will display the publish_type i desire once i change it in the, however it’s not changing the actual publish type for the .nk script that’s being published.

Any ideas where i can change the publish file type for published nuke scripts?

Thank you.

I figured it out myself.
I managed to change it in the and this seemed like the cleanest solution.

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Yep, thats a placve you can alter the item being created :slight_smile: