Create Custom Publish File Type

Hi all

I have some custom tk-multipublish2 plugins for our various integrations

I wanted to create some custom PublishedFileType entities to categorise my publishes for example houdini hda and substance sbar as a couple of examples

Is there a recommended way to manage these for my current project? I couldn’t find a page on our site.Are they created when I set the “publish_type” property on my publish items to my custom types or do i need to create them programmaticaly first using the shotgun API?

many thanks


Hi Sam

Nice to see you in our forums, good question!

The PublishedFileType can be defined simply by passing a string as a published_file_type on the register_publish method.

You could create it manually in the Shotgun site if you like, but it will get created when a publish is registered through the API with that type.

So you should be able to define the prefered type string on your item by setting publish_type. If your plugin is derived from the base plugin and the publish is registered by the base plugin then it will pick this up.


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Excellent thanks @philip.scadding!