Custom PublishedFileTypes in config files

Hey all,

Been running into another wall today. How would some go ahead and specify custom PublishedFileTypes in the project configuration? I spent some time looking through the documentation and the source code today, and it would appear that I need to edit env/includes/settings/tk-multi-publish2.yml.

For example, I took a look at the shot_step environment for tk-nuke, under this heading:

Under publish_plugins, I saw that there was a settings parameter defined as a blank dictionary, like so:

settings: {}

I changed this to:

  File Types:
    - ['lut', 'ccc', 'cdl', 'cc', 'cube']
    - ['refqt', 'mov', 'mp4']
    - ['imgseq', 'exr']
    - ['nukescript', 'nk']

Unfortunately, this seemed to have no effect. It seems that I would need to potentially subclass the collector hook, and then specify these custom PublishedFileTypes in my own configuration file. I remember, when working with the version 1 tk-multi-publish, this used to be super easy. Am I missing anything here?




Hey Ned,

Sorry to hear you’re getting stuck. I’ll run this by the Toolkit team and we’ll report back.

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