Why does Movies from Zbrush dont play in RV?

If i play a Turntable Movie from Zbrush in RV it does play only the first half.
Any other movie tool does play the whole movie.

We use Zbrush truntables in production for review and it would be great to get that working.

Are there any known issues?

Hey @Christoph.Schaedl,

What type of document is Zbrush turntable? Is it Zbrush-specific like .zbr/.zmv or a movie file like .mov or .mp4?


Its a mov. If needed i can upload an example file.


Hey @Christoph.Schaedl,

Yes that would be super helpful! If you have proprietary information, please send the movie to us at support@shotgunsoftware.com.


Here is the file.
Thanks for taking a look!

ZBrush Movie.zip (223.2 KB)

Any news here?

Please help.

Hey Christoph,

Just took a look at the movie, the output seems to be coming out of ZBrush as a .mpg / mpeg-1 format. I don’t know of a way to change that in Zbrush itself. We don’t have support enabled for mpeg-1. (if you check in terminal “rv -formats” you can see a list of support codecs and containers.) I’ll check into why, as it should be unencumbered. (Given the age of the format, I don’t see this requested, so I’m not current on what if anything kept us from including this.)

A workaround would of course be to convert it to something like mp4/h.264. This loads up just fine on conversion. Thanks for dropping us a note about this!


Thanks to looking into that. It would help us a lot to get this supported.