RV unable to play mp4 files

Is that right that RV doesn’t support h264 files? If so, what player do people recommend on linux as an alternative?

@Patrick, h264 is fine, but I think what you are probably thinking of is h265, which RV is not licensed to play.

That might be it. Or it could be our linux setup being an issue.
The files are .mp4. I cannot seem to be able to associate .mp4 files with RV on centos7.
In the rv.application I’ve added :-
exec=path_to_rv %F

I can now open .mov files with a double click, but even when going to the .mp4 file “Properties”, and choosing the “Open With” tab, rv isn’t showing up as a possible application. Any ideas where centos might be deciding that RV isn;t a suitable application for opening .mp4 files?

That one I’ll need to kick to Autodesk support, but the desktop association should be separate from the actual application implementation; for instance, you could associate a text editor with an mp4 if you so desired.

I’m actually not 100% on proper Mimetype syntax, but is it possible to try this?

Looks like you might need to associate mpeg codec with mp4?


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