RV audio far from reliable on Mac

Hi, I have installed RV64 (rv 7.4.3) on my Mac and am finding that the audio is really flakey, it doesn’t load and is always dropping out. Are there any best practices, or helpful solutions for audio you could recommend?

When I view the clips in shotgun on Safari, or at work on a Windows desktop, I have zero issues with audio.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lester,

Thanks for writing in, sorry to hear about the problems you’re having playing back audio.

Could you possibly confirm the following

  • What are the type of files you are trying to review in RV (audio only, or video with embedded audio, and what kind?)
  • Can you confirm does this happen across all Macs in your studio, or is it only limited to specific machines?
  • Of those machines, can you confirm the specs (hardware and software versions)

And finally, can you take a screenshot of your RV Preferences > Audio tab and attach it here.

We’ll take a look and do our best to get you sorted. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give me a shout.


HI Andrew, they are mov’s with embedded audio. Encoded at h.264 (I’m pretty sure). This is when I am at home working on my Mac, I can’t comment on the machines at work… but there aren’t many Macs in the studio to begin with.

I have a fairly new (few months old) iMac 5K with 64 gigs of ram.

And I have attached the screenshot as requested.

Fantastic, thanks for confirming that. Let me run this by the team and we’ll keep you posted.


Hey Lester,

How are your movies encoded? Do you use a custom ffmpeg command? A couple of ideas:

  • If you look at the Audio panel, the movie output rate is expected to be 48kHz, is your audio encoded at 48kHz or 44?
  • Does the audio have its own stream? Which stream is it encoded on?


Unfortunately I’m unaware how it is encoded. Will find out.