RV Audio Stutters on Some External Audio Devices

I’ve encountered audio stuttering on some audio devices when running with RV and External Audio Devices.

Not all devices will encounter this issue, but occasionally on some devices, RV encounters stepped stuttering as if the rate is not being sent to the device properly.

Has anyone encountered this, and if so, any tricks to getting it to work? Unfortunately, it is hit or miss for a device I’m working on right now.

Even movieproc with sine audio fails, so this isn’t a source or media type problem.


I’ve narrowed this down to RV versions that use Qt5 along with Multi-Channel Audio; I’m using Windows 10.

The cheapest device I know of to reproduce this is the Logitech G432, though we’ve reproduced this on several studio-grade decks as well, through HDMI and through USB, so it appears simply to be a multi-channel audio + RV with Qt5.

Old versions of RV with Qt4 seem to be fine.