Volume/volume icon is buggy during RV sync sessions


We’ve received some reports from our users about the behavior of the volume/mute icon during RV sync sessions. For example, if user A has their RV muted (and thus their speaker icon is the muted one) and they get a pushed update from user B who has their RV unmuted, user A’s local session will also become unmuted but the speaker icon still misleadingly shows that it is muted. I found that the mismatching icon can be manually “refreshed” by clicking on it, which will change the icon to the correct one.

This also happens when accepting audio settings is disabled. It seems like either there is an issue with the audio settings where an RV session that is supposed to stay muted is not, or there is an issue with the icon where it just doesn’t refresh to match the incoming audio settings.

Hope this made sense, let me know if you need more clarification. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Would you mind telling me on which OS you are experience this issue when you get the chance please. I tried on mac and it looks like both the mute button’s icon and the accepting the RVSync/AcceptAudioSettings on/off work as expected. I would love to be able to find what triggers this issue.



Hey @bernie, I wish I had more info to help but I do remember some sort of update to the graph on an example package I made when I was at ADSK was not refreshing the Qt action/button state. I hope that helps you track it down, since it sounds similar.

PS, I hope you are well, :smiley:

Hi @bernie, we have seen this issue while working with RV on Linux machines. However, we are also remote desktop-ing (guess it’s a verb now) to these Linux machines as we are WFH, so our home machines may be Mac, Windows, or Linux. Hope this helps!

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