Where to find release notes?

Where can I find release notes these days?

Here’s a list of where you can find release notes:

To be notified of release notes posted to the community, you can subscribe to topics tagged release-notes or include tags for any of the localized release notes (e.g. releas-notes-english, release-notes-japanese, release-notes-chinese, release-notes-korean):

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I don’t understand why it is sorted as it is now? I would expect newest release on the top

@ales there are two options for sorting: “Latest” and “Top”

From “Latest”, if you sort by “Activity” (upper right), you can sort by the latest updated.

Does that help?

@shaynad not really. Even If I sort it using activity there is for no reason release from 2019 as second topic. I would imagine it should be sorted from newest release to the oldest regardless someone replied somewhere. But it’s not big deal, I can live with that :smiley: This is just my opinion

@ales - I think I know what’s up here. I recently went through older posts and updated links (replaced old links with new ones) on the top visited links. That bumped those older posts to the top so they are showing more out of order now. But typically, they would show up more in order. Sorry about that!

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