Status site no longer updated for new releases?

Hello !

I’ve been relying on the status site email notifications to keep informed about the new SG releases for several years, but for the past year or so barely any of them have been posted there.

Is this something that fell through the cracks with the Autodesk switch and that I can hope getting picked up again ?
If not, is subscribing to the release-notes-english tag here the official way of being notified of releases ?

Cheers !


Hi @Carine :wave:
I haven’t confirmed how this works yet , but like you mentioned, the best way to be notified of release notes would be to watch release-notes-english :

UPDATE: this seems to work well, so let’s move forward with watching the release notes on the community (since we no longer post them on the status page).


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Hey Shayna!

I noticed that Toolkitty is starting to post release notes for the TK bundles here as well. But it looks like it’s only being posted to release-notes and not release-notes-english. Can we get those added to release-notes-english so I can follow only the ones in English?


Hi @kporangehat ,

I’ll discuss with the team as this seems like a reasonable request :slight_smile:

:heart: , Shayna

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@kporangehat , we made the update, so all future Toolkitty release posts will be tagged with release-notes-english, and we added the tag to the existing ones too.


The latest Shotgrid and RV release notes posts were not tagged with release-notes-english:disappointed_relieved:

Sorry about that, @Carine ! All fixed now.

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