8.61 Release Notes

Release date: March 26, 2024 ET

We released the following updates since 8.60:

We have renamed ShotGrid to Flow Production Tracking as part of our commitment to connect your tools, data, and teams to media and entertainment industry cloud, Autodesk Flow.

Learn more about Autodesk Flow and this step in our journey from our FAQ.


Added Search to Review Notes Layouts

We added search functionality to layouts and have improved the Review Notes App menu. [SG-31710]

Now, you can search saved layouts in the Review Notes App and see a list of available layouts from the same search dropdown. We’ve also improved the page menu dropdown.

Global Search

  • Changing the DisplayNameCache rebuild process to not delete everything before starting. [SG-33457]

Fields (Administration)

  • Limit Query fields data to a current project. [SG-9405]

Integration - Licensing

  • For sites on non-flex subscription: Usage licence are now automatically renewed. The idleness modal dialog that appears every 24 hours should no longer be visible.

Bug fixes:

Entity Form

  • Fixed an issue where entity creation form URL generator for Notes would not support recording the task linking. [SG-34614]

Fields (Administration)

  • Fixed a regression where a calculated field output or error/warning description would not be properly displayed in some cases. [SG-34755]

Python API

  • Added a configure fields parameter for unique values when creating them with the API. [SG-33177]
  • Fixed an issue where unsupported entity types could be added to a single-entity field via API. [SG-33828]

Task Templates

  • Fixed an issue where accessing tasks inside a task template would not work. [SG-32670]
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Bug fix

Page - Task View

  • Fixed an issue where clicking “Undo” button would remove wrong tasks when adding a task dependency. [SG-34781] (Thursday April 4, 2024 ET)

Bug fix

Page - Sort / Group

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases grouping data by Entity type field would cause some query fields values display “Calculating…” [SG-34265]
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Bug fix

Event Log

  • Fixed the event that sets the is_transient value in the Event Log Entry Meta Data field to false when a thumbnail has finished transcoding. [SG-34687]
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Bug fix

Tracking Settings

  • Fixed an issue where, sometimes, not all user actions would be saved on Project Tracking Settings page (changing field / status / pipeline visibility rule). [SG-18342]