8.60 Release Notes

Release date: February 27, 2024 ET

We released the following updates since 8.59:



  • Sites with non-flex subscriptions usage licenses are now automatically renewed. The idleness modal dialog that appeared every 24 hours should no longer be visible. [SG-34428], [SG-34390]

Bug fixes:

Canvas Widget - Graph

  • Fixed an issue where graph widget data was not synchronized with a user’s timezone. [SG-29951]

Client Review Site

  • Contact emails now display properly when sending playlists to different users. [SG-25116]

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Exceptionally large schemas are now cached. [SG-34550]

Entity Detail

  • Improved loading performances for cross-project linked assets detail pages. [SG-33313]

Event Log

  • Fixed an issue where checking—but not saving—permissions from “Permissions - People” → “Show Admin Menu Items” would generate event logs. [SG-33551]

Page - Filter Panel

  • Fixed an issue where the entity page filter button would be displayed as blue even when no filters were applied to the page. [SG-34488]
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Also in this version:

Bug fix

Fields (Administration)

  • Custom fields ending with _change and _was can no longer be created to prevent them from conflicting with internal system behavior. [SG-33650]
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Bug Fix

Task Templates

  • Fixed an issue where accessing tasks inside a task template would not work. [SG-32670] (Thursday March 7, 2024 ET)

Bug Fix

Python API

  • Added a configure fields parameter for unique values when creating them with the API. [SG-33177]
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Global Search

  • Changing the DisplayNameCache rebuild process to not delete everything before starting. [SG-33457] (Tuesday March 12, 2024 ET)

Bug fix

Entity Form

  • Fixed an issue where entity creation form URL generator for Notes would not support recording the task linking. [SG-34614]
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Added Search to Review Notes Layouts

We added search functionality to layouts and have improved the Review Notes App menu. [SG-31710]

Now, you can search saved layouts in the Review Notes App and see a list of available layouts from the same search dropdown. We’ve also improved the page menu dropdown.

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