Where do I go to learn about Live Review?

We’ve updated the documentation on the Knowledge Network to give you a pretty comprehensive look at the feature as it stands: Live Review documentation.

The basics are…

Toggle on the panel…

Create a session with the button… or Join with an ID…

Copy a link and send it to someone, or share the session ID with other users…

Then, you should be connected together in a session!

Some notes:

  1. You need to be looking at the same source of media, either off of a shared local space or streamed from ShotGrid.
  2. We’ve limited down the interactions so that only the presenter can drive the review, you can easily switch to another person by clicking the “Make Presenter” next to their name.
  3. You must be logged into the same ShotGrid site.



I am testing this out for the first time today. When the presenter plays media either from a saved session or from an uploaded version, the other members of the session are not seeing the media play. I am noticing an error in RV
Live Review:LIVE_REVIEW_1.0.translate_from_global requires the ‘event_schema’ field
What does this mean?

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Running into the same thing. Me and the end user are both running the same version of RV and I’m presenting and using Streaming for the media. This all seemed to work pretty well before. The field it is asking for on their end is:
ERROR:Live Review:LIVE_REVIEW_1.0.translate_from_global requires the 'event_schema' field (Don Schwarz) which is my account name. We are both logged in to the same site and have the same PKG s enabled. What am I missing? Thanks!

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Is Live Review just not working anymore?

Hi @dschwarz,

Live Review’s backend metrics are telling us that people are currently using it successfully. Can you share more about why do you think it’s not working anymore? What version of RV are you using? Can you also make sure that all versions of RV are the same on the live review sessions?


we have recently upgraded our RV to the 22.0.0 version and our Live experience has been worse than when we were just using the initial beta. we usually just have 3 or 4 people connected and it is not hit or miss as to weather a video displays, we can get a black screen for 1 person, while it works for the other. We are using the streaming from Shotgrid, but it keeps trying to look for the locally stored files, which doesnt work with the crew all remote.
We are considering reverting our RV’s back, or even looking for a alternative, i’m not sure we can continue with this versions. But is this the behavior others are experiencing? or is it a different error?