How to stress test

I’m trying to test live review’s capabilities on the latest pre-release of RV-2023.0.0, I have access to multiple machines, however they are both linked to the same SG/autodesk profile so while the first RV session can create a new Live Review session the second computer is stuck on ‘Please log into Shotgrid to use Live Review’ even though it already is logged in.

Ultimately what I want to do is set up multiple workstations joining the same live review session to see what the performance is like. One of the biggest complaints about the old sync sessions functionality was that it performed OK with 2 participants, but as soon as more joined it very quickly deteriorated.

Anyone had any experience with getting test sessions working like this? Or is it locked behind having multiple autodesk accounts?

Thought I’d follow up on this in case anyone else has similar issues. After a bit of experimenting and a SG support ticket later managed to work around this.

First off we discovered Live Review is dependent on the SG toolkit, it just wasn’t being listed. We don’t use sgtk at my facility so we had no reason to turn it on. LR works fine afterwards.

Second, with regards testing at scale, I found out the LR doesn’t put any restrictions on who joins a session, or for participants to be unique users, so I was able to spin up 10 workstations and join the same session each from my same user to see how it performs. Incidentally it seems to perform pretty well, so far so good…

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Thanks Ed,

for live review, each user still needs access to the media right?
Or can users use mixed media, i.e User 1 looks at online streaming media, user 2 at exr’s etc

As far as I’m aware users need access to the same media, in the same folder structure. I did a a quick test to see if users can view different media representations, and it appears they can.

As a quick test I loaded an RV session with a test comp that has streaming, movie and frames (standard represenations from SG screening room). I joined from a second session and on connection it had a different respresentation loaded.

As you can see the session on the left has streaming (the first option in the list of multiple media representations) but the session on the right has frames (the last option). I was then able to freely change media representation in either session without affecting the other.

This is actually a bit of an issue because we were planning to use switch groups to build a multi-track timeline, but if switch node state is not being transmitted through live review then we can’t ensure the host and participants are looking at the same media.

Interestingly stack group state is transmitted from host to participants, but particpants are able to swap the stack around without it being sent back to the host. Less of an issue than with switch nodes, but it still means the host could be reviewing one thing (e.g. the lighting pass) and any of the participants could accidentally have swapped to another item in the stack (e.g. the animation) and get quite confused…

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Thanks man, interesting developments!