Welcome: Open Beta of Live Review for RV

Welcome: Open Beta of Live Review for RV

Welcome everyone to our discussion of Live Review for RV. We’ve been working incredibly hard to build out a service that allows us to connect reviews together without hassle. We’re launching Live Review into “Open Beta” in order to give everyone a chance to try out the workflow before the general release.

While you’re exploring and validating the workflow, our team will be busy working on ensuring the performance, stability, and scale of the service is suitable for your typical production use.

Please feel free to jump in and discuss with us what’s working and what’s not, so we can continue to improve the service.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!


How do I join this beta?

Hi! It’s an open beta, so you simply need to download the latest version of RV to try it out.

From there you can either follow my quick steps in this post, or check out our documentation for more info!

Looking forwards to hearing back from you!


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This is exciting!!

I do have one quick question, is there anyway to configure it so that when Live Review is enabled that it defaults to “Play Streaming”?

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Hello Don,

Good point. There is a way to set the default play mode to ‘Play Streaming’ however it is not linked to whether Live Review is enabled or not as some facilities might already be setup to play local media files. To do so, the presenter has to set the following RV Preference to ‘Play Streaming’:
RV/ShotGrid/Session Prefs/Swap Media = ‘Play Streaming’

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very cool. First thing that leapt out is that all participants are passive and unable to perform actions except for the “presenter”. I can see a case for a presentation mode where this is useful, but I think a lot of collaborative reviews benefit from having multiple participants able to change frames, annotate, etc… Are there any plans to make this possible?


Hey Nico!

Thanks for the feedback. At the beginning this has been pretty intentional in the design as RV-Sync has the opposite problem and what we had heard from some users is that it becomes a lot of unnecessary noise during a review. So our approach was to start with it more clamped down and design more appropriate ways of opening up that participation model.

So the first manifestation is being able to pass the presenter around with a button click. I’m all ears on the next steps we can take with this. As you try it out, I’d love to know more on what feels too constrained and blocking participation.


Thanks for the response Kevin. Personally I do foresee a demand for multiple users to be able to annotate and move about the timeline, even it opens one up to a scenario where there’s a tug-of-war on the controls. Best recourse I can imagine where the tool itself can assist where common etiquette fails is for the organizer/admin to have the ability to strip those permissions from offenders as needed, possibly even assigning permission roles at creation time of the session. Which is a convenient segue to a related idea: currently the session key needs to be communicated via some external mechanism like email or chat. Given that all attendees will be authenticated via (presumably) the same shotgun instance, what’re the chances of including an “invite” user feature which will link to the appropriate shotgun users and broadcast the session via a shotgun notification of some sort?

I agree with Nico 100%
In our case we would always want every participant to be able to annotate and drive the session, though it does seem important to be able to manage such permissions.
I love the idea to broadcast the ID via Shotgun notification.

Pie-in-the-sky we would be able to have a chat directly in RV as well so we don’t have to comvine this with Google Chat, Slack etc


Can I ask Kevin, is it available on Mac, I have download the mac installer adn it seems to be the same version number as the PC, but I dont see a Live Review menu, am i missing it somewhere?

Quick check on this Frank - chat as in text chat? (I think this is what you mean)

Jeremy, thanks for the feedback and welcome to the community! yes this should be working in the current mac version on RV from the downloads page (2021.1.0): ShotGrid | RV Download

You might check the version quickly and then check the packages and see if the LiveReview 1.10 package is loaded.

If you’re on the 2021.1.0 version and the package is loaded and you’re still not seeing the menu (or the toggle in the bar isn’t working, let us know so we can help you out.



Yes, text chat, though a voice chat would be wonderful of course :smiley:

Hi Kevin, I just checked all that stuff and I can confirm its RV 2021.1.0 and the Live Review Package is installedand loaded.
but the Toggle Live Review button is actually bringing up the RV Networking panel

When i opened RV this time I got an error message, I installed a new python 3.9 but i’m still getting the error message

Hi Jeremy,

From what I can understand, in the ‘RV / Preferences / Packages’ menu, you have the ‘Live Review 1.10’ package enabled and loaded. To follow-up on what you are experiencing:

  • Would it be possible to share what is the error message?
  • Are you able to access the feature through the ‘Live Review / Toggle Panel’ menu at the top of RV?


Hi Ian
I have taken some screen grabs of the error message and the different settings.
I’m running the RV on macOS Sierra, 10.12.6.

when i press the RV live button I get this Networking window

I thought the issue might be the default python on the system, if its running python 2 by default, I stalled 3 and I’m waiting for our python developer to come back to me and let me know about updating the default python to 3, but he is pretty swamped these days.

Any help you have would be great.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for sending the information including the snapshots. From the error seen in your RV shell, we can see that the SG Toolkit is not able to make a connection with your SG website. Would it be possible for you to try to reconnect to that site again via the ‘ShotGrid / ShotGrid Connection Details’ menu? If trying a direct reconnect on the website doesn’t work, maybe try to:

  1. Do a ‘ShotGrid / ShotGrid Connection Details / Clear All ShotGrid Connection Details’ operation
  2. Restart RV
  3. Try to reconnect on the SG website with your credentials on the Login dialog window that opens on launch (or if you are licensed through a gto file, try to add the SG site again through the ‘ShotGrid / ShotGrid Connection Details / New ShotGrid Connection Detail…’ menu)

Also, if it is possible, it would be interesting to have a look at the environment in which your RV is running. Could you please open a ticket to our support so that we can exchange this information? You can find these by opening RV and going into the ‘Help / Show Environment’ menu.


Thanks Ian, I have cleared the details and reconnected successfully to our site, but its still giving me an error on reopening RV, but it is connecting fine to the site.
I have opened a support ticket and transfered the environment information as requested
thanks for you help so far

Hi Jeremy,

So we narrowed this down to the 10.12 version of macOS. It turns out this is caused by missing TLS 1.2 support. So we’ve been able to verify that it works in 10.13 and up. However, we typically only go 3 macOS versions back so we won’t catch errors like these in testing. As we get closer to taking this out of beta, we’ll look to set official guidelines on supported versions. I would anticipate that they’ll be similar to our 3 versions rule of thumb.

Hope that helps!


I agree with this point - to make this workable for us, we’d need to have the option for all participants to have full control.