Weird error about "not a valid human name"

hi ppl.

everytime that i change something inside my project i get this weirdo error about my name, what my name have to do with the project configuration?

Is it possible that Shotgrid maintains a dictionary of words they don’t think users names should be/contain, and that Satan is one of those? Although you’d have expected if that were the case they wouldn’t have accepted your name in the first place, ratehr than it only being an issue now. A weird one for sure!

I was going to say the same as a joke :slight_smile: but not entirely impossible.
What is the actual name? Is the email address at the end separate or part of the name?

Yeah, look like they have some kind of dict for names, but work only partially? Hope someone explain whats is going on

My name is Paulo but people know me as Satan (nickname, even on movies credits is goes as Paulo “Satan”), my email is separated from my name at the end

and now that i am not a human anymore, i am going to wait from someone from shotgrid/autodesk to provide some insights about it, hahahahahaha

cya humans!


Well, obviously Satan is not human :smiley:
wait, you have your nickname on credits? How didn’t I think of that?!

Still, having a dictionary of allowed words would be weird. You cannot possibly maintain this across all languages and cultures…

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Probably just an amusing bug, I can’t imagine they really have a dictionary of allowable names in all seriousness :joy:.


Autodesk Identity is meant to map onto actual human beings, with real names.

Outside of ShotGrid’s control, there is some validation being made on names. Likely a profanity filter, a name cannot be a number, cannot be admin, etc.

We do not have access to that list, and even if we did, publishing it would be a bit pointless as it may change without us knowing.


Not to be that guy, but Paulo’s real name is Satan if he wants it to be. His wallet name might not be Satan, but that’s different.

“Not a valid human name” is UX that could be considerably improved, all of its comedy potential aside. (A friend of mine’s legal name is “MegaZone” and while Autodesk Identity may not have strong opinions about 1980s anime, Zoner definitely wouldn’t appreciate being told that he doesn’t have a valid human name in any context.)


Hi @jcollier

In the case of “Satan”, I feel that it is the profanity filter kicking in.

ShotGrid’s site preferences will allow you to prevent synching of Identity user’s name, allowing you to override them in the app. Unfortunately it is a site-wide setting, not a per-user one.