Create misinterprets Script ID for HumanUser ID

We have a human user that casually shares the same ID with a Script that we use to upload versions, so Creates puts the name and photo of this artist instead of the script name. Very confusing.

Thanks in advance for your support!!

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Hi @macbeth,

I can understand that having action wrongly attributed is might be really confusing.

Could you give more information on that situation so we can try to reproduce and fix the issue?



Sure! Can we share this information privately?

Hi @macbeth, absolutely! The best thing to do here would be send us your specific use-case to That will create a private ticket with our support team and we can investigate the issue / see how we can address this.


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Already send it trough a private message here to @geffrak
Let me know if you still prefer me to send the email.

Hi @macbeth, thanks for that, @geffrak brought it to my attention that you’d already done that after I posted this, thanks for that!

Nothing more to do on your end, we’ve ticketed this up and will put it in our backlog to get addressed.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention.


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