"Retired User" is going to get confusing pretty quickly!

We have a lot of freelancers where I’m working (including myself), so having the name in Shotgun Create read only “Retired User” will get confusing pretty quickly when folks leave the project before it’s complete. Any way to have the name with the :no_entry_sign: for people who are no longer active on a project show up in Create instead?


Hi @jlweiss!

Have the users been retired? Or have they simply been unlinked from the Project? If a user has been sent to the trash, they’ll be displayed as a Retired User (or disappear altogether) throughout Shotgun, not just Create.

If you want their name to continue to appear a better workflow would be to set their user status to “Disabled.” This turns off their account so you are no longer billed for them, but they will continue to appear on historic things they did. This also makes it easier to reactivate their account should they rejoin at a later date.

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This particular user is just disabled, but that’s how she shows up in Create - “Retired User” and the grey icon.

Ah interesting! I wouldn’t expect that behavior if their status was just “disabled.” I’ll check with the Create team on that.

In Shotgun on the web, she shows up on her old versions & notes with her name but the :no_entry_sign:, to further clarify.

Great, thanks! That one seems like a bug for sure.

Thanks for the clarification @jlweiss and @brandon.foster. I’ll log this as a bug in Create then.


Issue logged as VMR-2706.

For the record, active Client User notes also show up as “Retired Users” - these should also display the correct name and hopefully will include the blue box to signify a client note like in the overlay player.


Thanks @stavernia! I’ve added that info to the internal bug ticket.

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Hi all,

Just doing some cleaning and wanted to mention this bug has been fixed.