Why do some entities created via standalone API show as created by script and others created by user?

We’ve been having a strange issue crop up.

A script running on the farm creates a Version and then at some point also posts a note on that version.
The script uses the same API user and basically the same “shotgun” api call.

The Version shows as “api_script created version” with the api user thumbnail and the note shows as being created by the artist themselves.

Both bits of code specify the same “user” in the data dictionary (and this info is correctly applied to both records).
It just seems that the Activity view and several other places in Shotgun show the API user for Versions but the Artist as user on others… :thinking:

It used to work and to my knowledge we didn’t change anything that would cause such behaviour…


We have this same issue, did you work out what was causing it?

I did figure out that I had weirdly configured the shotgun.yml to use the api user so some users actually stuff using that user instead of their own credentials.

I’ll need to have a look if this issue still happens!

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