Support for non ASCII characters

Hey everyone,

I noticed that if the name of an artist includes any characters that are not included in ASCII (at least I assume that), the shotgrid desktop app fails to launch an apllication with the error:

Specifically in our case I am talking about:

What I don’t understand is that the error message seems to indicate it uses utff-8 which actaully includes thos characters.

In my opinion in 2023 we shouldn’t be restricted to such a sparse character set anymore and enable people to have their actual names and not some ascii-fied version of it.

Not sure if the issue is on our end and we have configured something wrong? If so maybe somebody can point me out to that setting.

You might want to stacktrace this.

I’ve seen cases where it relates to the Username of someone on Windows.

I don’t think Active Directory and various windows software looks very kindly at foldernames (user folders) with such characters.

It’s not just ShotGrid, we may want to say it’s 2023 and it should be possible but a lot of software is just not able to process that.

Hey Ricardo,

Thanks for your message.

Changing the user name on Shotgrid to not include Ö Ü Ä immediately fixes the issue.

So I assume there must be a direct connection.

I know a lot of other softwares have problems with special characters as well, it’s just crazy that technology is so advanced in many aspects but this is still something that haunts us on a daily basis :smile:

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