Invitation to test new ShotGrid feature: Input Validation

I wanted to let everyone know the Production Tracking team at ShotGrid is developing a new feature: ‘Input Validation’, and we’re looking for people to test this new feature on their site and provide us feedback of their experience.

Input Validation is a way to ensure data accuracy in ShotGrid. Our first release is focused on Codes, where. you can set up validation rules for new or existing Code Fields. To see a demo of this in action, check out this short (silent) workflow video.

If you’re interested in testing this feature, please email me at and provide me with:

  • A contact name
  • The contact’s email address
  • The site address for the feature to activated on

We’ll be ready to begin testing around Mon. Mar. 7 and we’re excited to have you be part of the first group to test this feature.

Thanks for your help.

Warren Trezevant, Principal Product Manager for ShotGrid


This is really cool and worked exactly as described! Nice!

Happy to hear you’re enjoying the new ‘Input Validaton’ workflow, @taiello! We have some new features coming out in a couple of weeks, and I’m excited for you to test those when they’re ready.


I’m trying this new Input Validation Rules feature. I would like to enforce a rule that just forbids the use of underscores and whitespaces in the name. Is this possible and how should this be configured ?


Hi donat,

Thanks for your question! We do not yet support character exclusions but are looking at prioritizing our next set of improvements and have added your request to our items for consideration.



To give you a bit of explanation for my request : we use the sg toolkit and use templates. Those toolkit templates separate paths using the underscore, so it’s crucial to avoid them in entity names. It seems to me this would be the number 1 top priority.

We just have made the error of creating assets with underscores in their names and that messed up completely the toolkit (for instance the sgtk.context_from_path(path) api command will not work)



Thanks for the helpful background information. I have added it to our feedback items.



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Same here… this feature is very important to work in with the toolkit.
Any news about that?

If you know how many characters you are expecting you are perfectly able to set up regex filters in toolkit templates.yml so toolkit can less easily break.