Improvements for Input Validation

We’re excited to let you know we’ve released some expanded Input Validation capabilities in our latest v1.1 release. The expanded Input Validation capabilities include:

  • Text and Number fields
  • New ‘Relaxed Validation Rules’
  • New filtering capabilities
  • plus other improvements to continue data accuracy on your site

Watch a video of all the improvements here

Learn more about the improvements here.


Hey Warren, this is a great new feature.

I think one request I saw somewhere else was to be able to create global filters (or at least save the filters on a Template Project).

This would be very helpfull for pipeline development where for example we really would not want Assets to be named with spaces (no matter which project). Things like that.
For those ocasions it would be great to be able to save these validators on a Template Project (and be able to apply them) or to have some sort of Global Validators that act in conjunction with Project based validators.

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