Thank you Autodesk for the Flow Production Tracking rebranding

In case you can’t tell, the title is sarcasm.

Thank you for doing everything more complicated for developers, i really really do not like this new name, I will have to adapt and I will do but, I think this is unnecesary. What do you think?

And just to be clear, this is a personal opinion, and its just a personal complain.


Hi @Jaziel

Focusing only on the developper part… the APIs are not changing as far as I know (the documentation of the APIs, yes, but not the names of the packages/modules/classes/methods/etc.)


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This change just makes me sad. The name serves some purposes for Autodesk in promoting their “Flow” Cloud products but it is a very poor name in terms of actually saying it out loud. Also, on a resume “Shotgrid Developer” has a much better ring than “Flow Production Tracking Developer”.

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Despite all name changes the web side of the app is still called Shotgun! I also think no new product names are needed, changing the name on every 2 years seems unmature. We are still joking within our team with shotgrid name…


Eh… I must admit, a fresh new set of puns is actually refreshing. I still stand by the fact that this product is one of the best. Period…


For anyone that cares a lot about this, you can install a browser plugin to change (on the fly) logo’s and colors and styling :wink:


Do you have a link or name for that? Asking for a friend…

Greasemonkey - Wikipedia can do it I believe


Are we to believe that at no point during the renaming process for this there wasn’t a single woman around to point out there’s already a well known menstrual cycle tracking app with the same name that would make SEO for Autodesk way harder?


Not to mention now when searching for documentation you now need to use all three names separately to find the threads and shreds of information that has been discussed over the years. “Shotgun such and such”, “Shotgrid such and such”, “Flow such and such”. I get the main docs have had a good effort put into them on the Autodesk site, but there’s conversations in google groups and elsewhere that do have useful information.


And this is just gold.

I also agree with others that it will make searching much more difficult. The nice thing about “Shotgrid” is it was unique. “Flow” is too broad.


Thanks for the tip about how to change browser logos/colors. We’ll look into it.

We’re always trying to encourage users to lean into Shotgrid (or FileMaker, which we will also support) rather than making up their own “Excel trackers”. Having the logo icons SO similar to excel is confusing to the users and their efficiency and undermines how much we would like to stress that Shorgid is different/better than just an excel file.

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Dear @Jaziel

I hope this message finds you well.

I want to express my full agreement with the sentiment regarding our recent change in product naming. Like you, I find the new name less appealing and difficult to embrace. It seems to me that the name change, while superficially a simple rollback, disregards the majority of our user base’s preferences, making it challenging to understand the push for this rebranding.

Given the choice, I would strongly advocate for reverting to “ShotGrid”. It’s my sincere hope that such a request is not beyond consideration. Is it possible to revisit this decision, taking into account the clear preference of our users?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Best regards,

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@patrick-hubert-adsk thank you for the info, I can tell i over react a little bit and i was not thinking clearly, its true that this is not a really big change for developers but certanly there are some variables, names, and UIs that we will need to change now.

Hope you and everyone in Sho… sorry, Flow Production Tracking team really take us into consideration. (I know, sorry but really butters me, nothing personal)

@Ricardo_Musch Thanks for the advice.

The point its the non-sense of the decission, relegating the product and taking the ‘shine’ off it.

@kim thank you for your response, Im not in Autodesk but they can not roll-back this decission for sure.

Sorry again if you feel some ‘rude writing’ from me, I just dont like this change

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I’ve already felt the sting of this from Autodesk’s original take over. Literally found an answer I was looking for elsewhere online where someone had linked documentation and the links were destroyed in the transition.

Only recently I’ve come around to the utility of “ShotGrid” being a fairly unique term when googling, but “Flow” or “FPT” is definitely a step backwards in getting new devs up to speed with writing tools for the product when information is already quite scattered.


I’ve just written a chrome extension to do just this. I just couldn’t stand having to scan over “Flow Production Tracking” over and over in all the documentation, it really destroys readability when scanning the documentation.
I’m just waiting my develop account to be approved and I’ll try publishing the extension… fingers crossed.
Thanks AD for giving me the motivation to pop my browser extension cherry!


It is exactly what I did hehe


:laughing: Flow Icon --> SG Icon


“Flow Production Tracking” is waaay too long, so I just abbreviate it to “FTrack”


Hah, it got approved!
Radhgun (

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