Is Autodesk changing the ShotGrid name again?

Taken from this announcement:

If they are, good luck finding useful results when searching for that!


As far as I understood Flow is more a backend to connect things together.
I could be wrong though.

“Currently ShotGrid” implies it’ll change and I’m 100% not for it.

I’ll agree, Shotgun I’m sure has a story behind it but ShotGrid is better… Flow is not.
The amount of name changes across the site, in all the api calls alone will be tedious for essentially no benefit.
I’m going to stop myself there before I rant further about misuse of development time.


Taken from the FAQ: “ShotGrid (which will become Flow Production Tracking) and Moxion (which will become Flow Capture) will be the first Autodesk products integrated with Flow, creating new, extended workflows for collaboration across the production lifecycle.”

I did bring this up to them and Autodesk said there is no plan to change any URLs, python package names, or existing API endpoints - acknowledging this would be a tremendous pain for everyone.

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Thanks for the info @kporangehat, good to know we won’t need to make any backend changes for this.
I really cannot get past thinking this is just a way to spend more marketing dollars and to get people to Google Search “Autodesk Flow” instead of just “ShotGrid”, mindshare.


Its weird how someone comes up with these names.

ShotGun, while a great name was probbaly hard to fight against from SEO perspective.
ShotGrid is way more unique.
Flow, thats going to be the same as ShotGun, its a common word.

FlowGrid may be better.

Floxion? :joy:


Love FlowGrid ahah

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