Logo change is awfull

I’m gonna be very honest… that is a terrible logo… :nauseated_face:


I am quite a fan of this one:

And this one:


Is this really a new logo? it just looks like a mistake. I thought it was an emoji key like :three: or something.

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You seen the new splash screen yet?

Someone at my facility commented that changing the size of the hitbox of the thing he uses to go back to his set SG home page was unwelcome at best, so, that is a usability thing-- people are used to reaching up there and clicking the large rectangular logo to navigate.


If we want to be petty there seams to be an easy way to replace the image link with whatever you want using a browser extension.

Gave it a go with Requestly and a Replace string Rule on Chrome. Just point the logo URL (https://.shotgrid.autodesk.com/images/logos/sg-classic-logo-NAV-rgb-48-new.svg?sg) with another URL of the logo you want to use and everything else scales as you’d expect.


Unfortunately I will have to agree. Had it been “just another dcc” in the Autodesk family, I guess getting the icon aligment treatment would have been understandable.

But being that Shotgrid is a competitor to tools like Ftrack and Cinesync, this is just a way to further distance ourselves from the cool kids.

And I am saying “ourselves” because I feel that we are all invested in Shotgrid and really want the tool to succeed. But this isn’t cutting it for me. I keep getting sassy emails from ftrack about nice looking features and people from Shotgrid joining them instead. And we can’t even keep a nice looking logo.



Someone at Autodesk greenlighted this without doing some basic comparisons between logos… :person_facepalming:

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I’m not being petty-- I’m pointing out that, as usual, Autodesk have plowed ahead with changes without considering everyday user experiences, which forces people back to figuring out workarounds, as you’ve discovered.


This rolled out on 1.4.22 didn’t it? … didn’t it? … please say it did.

I totally agree with Ricardo, the new logo is not looking good at all


Sorry I could have worded that better. I fully agree that its an idiotic change that doesn’t add any value to what’s there already.

I feel like these posts are not going to inspire any change from AD and the people there that do care probably don’t have any say in this or power to change it.

I’ll be swapping out the HTML on my side as I have agency this side of the border.

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Wheter it inspires change or not, I like open transparant conversations, also feedback is important.
If you dont give companies feedback, send in feature requests etc then things will never change and evolve into the way you’d like.

Our forum post about the support system crumbling after the Shotgrid brandover defiinitely did inspire noticeable changes and more transparency from the Autodesk side. Which is appreciated.


I appreciate the apology, Justin-- I know everyone’s frustrated with the current state of affairs.

And yeah, as far as who’s got jurisdiction and what changes we make, that’s what it always comes down to, right-- do you have the resources to give chase when ADSK isn’t providing full transparency?

We tend not to make codebase changes that result in having to constantly monitor for breaking vendor changes at my office because we don’t have those kinds of resources to commit. We try, where possible, to elicit a vendor narrative that we can use to then call our shots.

Your office may not run that way and that’s cool too. Again, I think we’re on the same page about the irritation but our respective situations call for different responses.

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Yeah, I’m going to agree with you on this one Ricardo. I was surprised when I first saw it.

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The new logo changes have been universally disliked here, as well. Nothing to like about them at all.


All the recent Autodesk rebranding is terrible, from the company logo down to the products themselves. It’s like they saw what Adobe did with their product logos and thought “You know what? We can somehow make their idea even worse by turning all the non-descript letter icons into the exact same color, too! Oh and let’s add a bunch of random extra letters below each icon that barely mean anything.”

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Ugly new font on the community pages - serif is harder to read.

Why is this getting changed too? (to match the ugly new logo?)
It is an another update not needed.

I think something broke with an update or something.
Doesn’t look right.

Not that its a major issue but to make sure it’s being looked at I’ve made a support ticket about it.

Seems to have been fixed!

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