Weird Behavior in Houdini using Scene Breakdown

Hello, I’m noticing some weird behavior in Houdini where, when I execute the “Update to latest” code, the scene freezes up until the Scene Breakdown refresh button is clicked. The code in question, when run from the Houdini Python Source Editor, works without issue and does not cause the scene to freeze up. I also put the “Update to latest” code inside of a try/except block to verify there wasn’t some bug when being run.
Is this a known issue? I am not an artist so I have not worked much with Houdini, but in my experience with Maya, Scene Breakdown does not cause this issue.

Here is the code in question:

def update(self, item):

    Perform replacements given a number of scene items passed from the app.

    Once a selection has been performed in the main UI and the user clicks
    the update button, this method is called.

    :param item: Dictionary on the same form as was generated by the scan_scene hook above.
                 The path key now holds the path that the node should be updated *to* rather than the current path.

        filename_parameter = "ar_filename"
        node_name = item["node_name"]
        node_type = item["node_type"]
        path = item["path"]

        path = path.replace("\\", "/")

        if node_type == "alembic":
            filename_parameter = "fileName"
        # otherwise, every node collected uses ar_filename
        node = hou.node(node_name)
            "Updating {} node '{}' to: {}".format(node_type, node_name, path)
    except Exception as e:
        self.logger.debug("Error of type {} attempting to update: {}".format(type(e), e))