Unreal Engine Scene Breakdown Not Reflecting Updates to Scene?

Hey everyone! Doing my best to implement the Scene Breakdown app in Unreal Engine and while the “Update” code is working and the file is being updated to the most recent version, the Scene Breakdown display is still showing the scene object as being outdated. Does anyone know what could be happening? Here is my code for tk-unreal_scene_operations as well, in case that is related:

def scan_scene(self):

    items = []

    for actor in unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_all_level_actors():
        component = actor.get_component_by_class(unreal.StaticMeshComponent)

        if component:
            original_path = (
                unreal.EditorAssetLibrary.get_metadata_tag(component.static_mesh, "original_asset_path"))

            # Check if the actor is a Skeletal Mesh Actor
            if original_path:

                extra_data = {}
                if component.static_mesh:
                    extra_data["destination_path"] = os.path.dirname(component.static_mesh.get_path_name())

    return items

def update(self, item):

    node_name = item["node_name"]
    # node_type = item["node_type"]
    extra_data = item["extra_data"]
    path = item["path"]

    self.logger.debug(f"destination path is: {extra_data.get('destination_path')}")
    self.logger.debug(f"node name is: {node_name}")

    task = unreal.AssetImportTask()
    task.filename = path
    task.destination_name = node_name
    task.destination_path = extra_data.get("destination_path")
    task.replace_existing = True
    task.replace_existing_settings = False
    task.automated = True
    task.save = True

    task.options = unreal.FbxImportUI()
    task.options.import_materials = True
    task.options.import_textures = True
    task.options.import_as_skeletal = False
    task.options.mesh_type_to_import = unreal.FBXImportType.FBXIT_STATIC_MESH

    tasks = [task]


Do you maybe need to Return True?

I’m not sure what happened (I think it may have been related to the Engine itself) because the issue is gone now after no code changes. I’ll mark the issue as resolved unless it comes back

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