We want a option that allow last name to come first in Shotgrid Web

Since Shotgrid’s authentication was integrated with Autodesk, you know that Shotgrid’s username is linked to Autodesk account information. And, when you create an account at Autodesk, it requires you to separate the first and last names. And users are usually follow this rule.
Names applied in this way are used to search for users in Shotgrid, but some countries, including Korea, write the last name (family name) first then first name. So this causes inconvenience to users.
I know of course that there is an option to manage names separately in Shotgrid without linking Autodesk information, but this is not convenient for customers who use Shotgrid because the data needs to be applied separately.
So, I would like you to provide an applicable option so that the last name can be displayed before the first name according to cultural diversity.

Please consider it positively.

Hi Sichoi,

best to make a ticket with AutoDesk support and explain your issues.
Looks like this is wider than just ShotGrid.