Workfiles appear in asset browser with 'uknown' user

We’ve created some new users since we adopted the Autodesk logins for Shotgrid, and their ‘Login’ Property is listed in the web UI as - the email address that was used to enable their account.
I guess this means that the asset browser has no way to correlate the logged-in user (whose username will be either firstname.lastname or firstname) because it lists these files with user ‘unknown’.
This doesn’t happen for older user accounts that still have a login property that’s equal to their local username, and it doesn’t happen for published files that were published by the newer users.
Should we manually tweak the Login field for these new users to ensure that it matches their local username, or could this damage their account somehow.



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Hi Donal, I was wondering if there were any updates on this issue.
Did you end up manually tweaking the login field?

This is how it works on Windows, yes. The code that obtains file users does nothing on Windows afair.