No option to change the user's display name

There was a need to regulate the names of users and clients, sometimes complete nonsense is written in the Autodesk account and this value is automatically entered into the ShotGrid
Is it possible to disable field changes for user “ShotGird”?
Or is it possible to override the user’s display name in links to another custom field?

I think you can edit the user in SG when they are deactivated.

We can rename the users in ShotGrid but the name is automatically reset to what it is in the Autodesk account shortly afterwards, it seems…

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Then I would class this as a feature request, if there is no way to control your own users autodesk account then we should have the ability to admin the sg side.

Hi @Alefeve

With Autodesk Identity, ShotGrid is not in full control of a user’s profile (notably name and email)

However you can tell ShotGrid not to update the name : Help

Never ever update a user’s email in ShotGrid, this will likely not do what you thing it will do. The email has to be modified in Identity by the user by:

  • if SSO is not used : changing it and confirm it via a link received by email
  • when SSO is used : have IT modify the email, then the user MUST sign out of Autodesk Identity and fully log back in. This will re-sync the user’s info (name, email) between SSO and Identity.

Hoping this helps,



Site Preferences/Advanced/Sync user profile with Autodesk Identity:

it seems to work

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Thanks for the info, @patrick-hubert-adsk!

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