Changing the name & email for a HumanUser in the web UI?

Hey all,

I’m an Admin on our SG worksite.

We have a HumanUser who was created back in 2019 by someone else, with an incorrect work email address, and whose name was also misspelled. They’ve been working here since then, and there’s all sorts of SG event history under that HumanUser.

Even though I’m an Admin, I don’t seem to be able to change the name or email anywhere in the web UI – it keeps telling me that those fields are “not editable in this context”. When I check the individual permissions on these fields it tells me that I should be able to edit them as an Admin.

With the Autodesk ID & 2FA changes implemented, this HumanUser can’t log in (they have created an Autodesk ID under their correct work email address).

Does anyone have any suggestions? (Asking here first if I’m missing a simple web UI solution before diving into trying to resolve this on the SG API side)


I tried with the API, no luck:

# Error: UserCredentialsNotAllowedForOxygenAuthenticationFault: file (...)\ line 3660: Some account information (email) cannot be modified using the API, please use the Autodesk Account portal to update this information #

…so I looked up this page: Troubleshoot sign-in issues | Account Management | Autodesk Knowledge Network

…which says:
**Note:** Admins cannot change the username, email, or password for other users.

Hi @dean-warren-SSE

From your description, I understand that your site is using Autodesk ID as the only login method when connecting with a web browser.

An active user is connected to the corresponding Autodesk Identity user. Their name and email are linked to that user, and they can only be changed from that user’s profile at

To update a typo or incorrect email in ShotGrid:
1- disable the user
2- modify the email
3- set the user back as active. This will trigger a user lookup against Autodesk Identity, and potentially send that user an invitation to complete their account creation.

While you can change the name of the user while it is deactivated, once that user logs onto the site, whatever values are defined in their Autodesk Identity account will take precedence and will be synched to ShotGrid’s user.

Hoping this helps resolve your issue.



Hi @patrick-hubert-adsk,

Following your steps (disable, edit, enable) has allowed me to change the errant email and name values for this HumanUser using the web UI, so thanks!