Using RV on a py27 installation

Hi there,

We are on a py27 environment because of maya.

RV seems to need PySide2 and shiboken2 to launch, but does not come with the packages pre installed:

Traceback (most recent call last): 
File "C:\Program Files\Shotgun\RV-7.5.1\plugins\Python\", line 37, in 
import rv.qtutils as rvqt 
File "C:\Program Files\Shotgun\RV-7.5.1\plugins\Python\rv\", line 9, in 
from shiboken2 import wrapInstance 
ImportError: DLL load failed: the specified module dan't be found
ERROR: python module saml2_sso could not be imported 

I don’t know any way to install PySide2 and shiboken2 on a py27 installation, as a pip install won’t work. I don’t know which versions are to be installed for RV to work properly.

Why don’t RV comes installed with the packages it needs? How can I find and download the right packages versions?


Hi Ben!

I’ve switched this topic’s category over to RV for better visibility. I’ll flag the issue you’re seeing to the RV team to see what they suggest.

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Hi Ben,

RV does come bundled with PySide2 and Shiboken2. No need for you to install them. It should in theory work out-of-the-box… The operative word here being ‘theory’…

We suspect that something in your environment is interacting with RV.

How did you install RV ? Zip or installer ?
How exactly did you start RV ?
Do you have a PYTHONPATH environment variable set ? If so, to what value ?




Hi Patrick,
I installed RV through the installer. The installation dates back prior to installin Shotgun Desktop and starting a CG pipeline which made me tinker a lot with env variables (so it’s possible I broke something here)

I started RV with the icon in windows start menu.

My PYTHONPATH points to several py27 packages & modules repository, none of them containing PySide2.
Searching in RV install folder, I found PySide2 in C:\Program Files\Shotgun\RV-7.5.1\include. Do I have to include this in PYTHONPATH?

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Hi Ben,

My apologies for the delay… I did not get a notification that you had replied to my message.

PySide2 comes bundled with your version of RV. You should not have to do anything special with your PYTHONPATH as PySide2 should be found by the RV executable.

May I ask to do 2 tests and report back on the outcome ?
1- In a terminal (e.g. cmd.exe or PowerShell), start RV’s embedded python interpreter:

 "C:\Program Files\Shotgun\RV-7.5.1\bin\py-interp.exe"
 >>> import sys
 >>> sys.path
 >>> import PySide2
 >>> PySide2.__file__

We would like to see the different outputs for the last 3 commands

2- Edit your environment variables to rename PYTHONPATH to something else (like _PYTHONPATH), just to remove that from the equation. Then start RV and see if it loads properly without the error you reported originally. You will need to revert the environment variable change after to get back to your prior state.

As a side note, I’d suggest refraining from tweaking your PYTHONPATH variable… As it adds a layer of complexity to your runtime environment, may introduce Python2/Python3 incompatibilities and make things difficult when trying to deploy on other user’s machine. You should instead use a requirements.txt file to track your dependencies and use pip to install them on your machine.




Hey there Patrick,
Indeed, I still had some hidden system values on PYTHONPATH on my workstation which where messing with RV own PYTHONPATH.

Thanks for your help!


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